Disconnect and creativity will Flow
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Disconnect and creativity will Flow

Disconnect and creativity will Flow

We are always connected to our work: weekdays, weeknights, weekends, heck, even holidays! It can feel like business is taking over. So, what can we do to recharge our brains and prime ourselves for a flood of creativity? Keep reading to find out!

Imagine this…you leave the office and you don’t answer any emails, calls, and you don’t take anything home to finish up…you just go home and (dare I say it?!) relax! Cue the panic.

For many professionals, myself included, the thought of being disconnected from work can be anxiety inducing. But, unfortunately for the ever-connected, our body and mind need that time. Unplugging gives your brain time to rest and can be key to finishing up important projects with flair.

Realistically, complete disconnection between work-life and home-life can’t happen for most of us, but that’s okay!

There is no need to relegate ourselves to slogging through brain-fog filled days. Fight back by getting active and having some fun.

5. Office Clean-Up

This option is a win, win, win. You get a clean space, you get moving, and you get time to clear your mind! Cleaning up your work-space can seem like a chore but it really is a great way to take a break and be productive at the same time. Throw on some of your favourite jams and by the time you’re finished cleaning, you’ll be amped right up to complete work-related tasks.

4. Meditative Colouring Books

While this activity isn’t very active, it is extremely relaxing. There are a plethora of adult colouring books on the market from The Enchanted Forest to The Animal Kingdom with hundreds of choices in between. Give yourself some time to colour in a page and you’ll be surprised at how relaxed and ready you are to get down to business when you’re done.

3. Word-Association Eye Spy

Take a walk around the house, the office, or go outside, it’s time to play a little eye spy. While you’re walking around keep your eyes open and choose something to spy. I spy with my little eye something…green! It’s a tree. Tree, bee, decree, flea, fee, ghee, glee, plea, ski, spree! Now you have a whole long list of words to work with. What do they make you think of? Any rhymes? What other objects are green? The associations are endless! Your brain will start come up with ideas you never would have thought of at your desk and these ideas can help you with any ongoing projects.

2. Podcast Walks

There are so many podcasts for free on-line, it is fantastic! Anything you could possibly want to learn about, I guarantee there is a podcast for you. Do a little research to find one you like and download it onto your phone or iPod. From there throw in some ear buds and get outside for a walk! You can’t come in until the podcast is done and by then your blood will be pumping, you’ll be a little more knowledgeable, and you’ll be raring to get back to work.

1. Ransom Note Drawing

Okay, first of all, no! Please don’t hold your co-workers stapler hostage to make the drawing more realistic! That isn’t what I meant! Anyway, I digress…to start ransom note drawing all you need to do is reach for your favourite magazine, book, or even the dictionary! Pick out a few random words and draw. It doesn’t matter if you choose to draw the actual word or if you choose to draw complete nonsense, anything will get your brain working in a new way. Ask yourself some questions: Does your drawing remind you of anything? Are your chosen words connected in some way? What do they rhyme with? Before you know it…lightbulb!

From all of us here in the Forest, we hope these creative activities help you become as productive as a squirrel hiding their nuts for winter! Check back in soon to catch up on all the best advice for getting creative, staying active, and being a workplace powerhouse!

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