Cultivate social media fluency
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Cultivate social media fluency

Cultivate social media fluency

Social Media is changing the way we communicate. The only problem is that every network communicates best with its own “dialect”. To truly maximize your social media’s potential, you must become fluent in all of these languages.

But, hold your horses! There’s more…Before you spend a big chunk of your precious time perfecting your hashtags or selfie-taking skills, take the time to really investigate which social media networks are right for your business.

To create long-lasting success and become a social media maven, you must consider three things:

What Are Your Main Objectives?

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, Linkedin….oh my. There are so many networks already and new ones breaking onto the scene every day. There is no way you can run your business effectively and be active on every single network and who would want to anyway?!

To narrow down which social media sites are best for your business, first narrow down your goals to a few main ideas you would like to accomplish with your social media presence.

Are you looking for greater reputation management and increased public relations capability? There’s a social media for you. How about a more personal customer service connection? There’s one for that too. Oh, you wanted increased ability for customer acquisition and networking? Phew! There is a network for that too!

Once you figure out your endgame, choosing a social network should be easy.

Choose Networks that Support your Brand

Now that you have set goals it’s time to narrow down which networks will work best with your brand.

Do you have a business that allows you to take a lot of pictures of your amazing projects and products? If yes, rely more on sites that are primarily visual, think Instagram or Snapchat.

Here, lets break it down even more:

Facebook: is great for promoting brand awareness to a large group of different types of people.

Instagram: like we said, is great for any business that relies on pictures.

Google+: a fantastic site for connecting with other tech-savvy professionals.

Pinterest: is a site that is primarily used by women. So, if that is your demographic, hop to it!

Twitter: a network that allows people connect quickly with what is happening right now! So, if your business has a lot of quick developing projects, this site could work for you.

Okay, now you have a good idea of your goals and what social media sites will work for you. But, there is one final need to consider…

Be Consistent

This is a double sided tip.

Side one! You should always brand consistently across your social media profiles. Keep your pictures, fonts, colours, and logos the same. This way all of your followers will know it’s you, no matter where they look for you.

Side Two! Here we’re talking about being consistent, as in always posting consistently. There is nothing worse for a customer than being pumped to see what your business is up to, only to see you haven’t posted in months. They might even think you’ve closed up shop!

These days’ customers are craving a personal connection with the businesses they support. They know they could always go to a big box corporation but would prefer you!

So let them into your businesses weekly workings by engaging them through your posts and they’ll be more likely to stick with you.

Okay, Get Going, Get Fluent!

Social media moves like a rocket so hurry up and jump on board! Now that you have all your social media ducks in a row there is nothing stopping you.

Go forth and build platforms that will truly maximize success by taking advantage of each networks unique offerings. You won’t go wrong if you pay attention to analytics, share experiences, follow like-minded businesses, and always incorporate a call to action.

Get ready to become the social media superhero you’ve always wanted to be.

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