Market your Printing Company like a pro
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Market your Printing Company like a pro

Market your Printing Company like a pro

Every day we are inundated with thousands of marketing messages. Our brains struggle to sort out the onslaught with only a very few select messages sticking in our brains.

It’s like our brains are the goal tenders and marketing is the ball. The only problem for business owners is, that our brains only let information slip through that is directly related to our lives.

With this never-ending goal tending for memory it is crucial for all businesses to create a comprehensive and specific marketing strategy to get their messages to stick with potential customers.

A Marketing Strategy You Say?

To create an effective marketing strategy you must first really know who you target market is. What do they like? How are they communicating? What are their core values? Once you have the answers to those questions (and more) you can start creating a strategy about how best to reach them.

Your marketing strategy should be clear and concise with specific steps for how you’ll reach your goals- getting customers in the door.

Another important piece to the marketing strategy puzzle is to know what your businesses true strengths are and where there is room for improvement. This allows you to differentiate from your competitors by showcasing why your business is obviously the best choice around.

Strategies for Small Businesses

We, at the Flying Squirrel Creative Studio, are a small business just like you. We know all too well the stresses of trying figure out an effective marketing strategy. There are so many options! E-mail blasts, direct mail, coupon cards oh my!

And for small printing companies, this can be especially taxing. It is imperative for these small printing businesses to create effective marketing strategies because to be plain, there is a lot of competition out there.

With this necessity in mind, here are some of our favourite questions to consider before creating a new marketing strategy.

Ask yourself these questions

What is your niche?
Niching your business can be a fantastic way for bringing in specific clientele. It may seem counterintuitive to pare down your market but in the end it is really effective for drawing customers directly to you.

For example if you market your printing company as the experts in printing rack cards for realtors, when a local realtor looks up “quality printing for realtors,” you will be the first and probably only result.

How can you maintain customer relationships?
Customers that consistently return are so important to the success of a small business. They ensure you’ll have consistent work and are a great way to get the word out about your business. If you have a customer who is handing out your amazing printing work to their customers, they will likely let all of them know just who made their materials look so awesome.
Take the time to contact your customers regularly. Direct mail, emails, and phone calls, anything to remind them you’re there and ready to work for them!

What else would add value?
You already provide an incredible service, so what else can you do to add value to your brand? You don’t necessarily have to be the cheapest in town but you want to strive to be the most valuable, whether that means including a new fancy finish for free or offering a point card.

Anything to make your customers feel appreciated.

Are my products consistent?
Consistency will make or break you. Consumers like to know exactly what they’re going to get. I mean have you ever gone into a different chain coffee shop than usual and your favourite latte is not the same? It’s the worst!

Make sure you are always producing not just good products but amazing ones. Customers will come back for all of their printing needs if they know they never have to worry about the final project.

Can customers find me?
Consumers are increasingly tech-savvy and mobile. Ensure current and potential clients can always find you by having a presence on a range of different technologies. Be findable on Google, confirm your website is mobile friendly, and maybe even produce an app!
If you are easy to find your business is sure to flourish.

Now you’re ready!

With this information under your belt you are well on your way to becoming the all-star marketing strategist you were always meant to be.
…Ready, Set, Go!

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