Brand Continuation
Creating a brand can help keep your company consistent to your customers. Call us to learn how you can keep your brand flying with brand continuation today.
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Brand Continuation

Let’s Keep This Brand Momentum Rollin’

Sometimes all you need is a couple extra nuts in your pile.

We live in a time where everyone and everything is digitally connected. If we watch something on TV, or read something in print, or hear something from a friend or coworker, our natural thing to do is to go online and search for it. This is a comfortable behavior we are accustomed to, which drastically increases the importance of connecting offline with online in order to continue the flow of continuous messaging. More importantly, as you know, this is branding.


Unfortunately, if we do not embrace Brand Continuation, then the potential customer/client will receive a mixed message and the brand is therefore watered down.


The goal of integrating the online with offline is to make the experience seem seamless, because consumers already have such an expectation from past/existing “off-line & online” experiences.


And that’s where we come in!


If you already have your sexy branding in place and would just like someone to continue building on that messaging, we’re glad to do so! We’re not going to propose massive changes as many design studios tend to do once they’ve garnered a partnership with you. Sometimes all you need is a couple more hands on deck to create a masterful brand.

Everything you need to keep your business flying


Anchor your company's brand with the single most visible expression of the company within the target market.


In order for the business card to do its desired job, it must be professional, attractive and memorable.


A powerful and essential addition to your marketing arsenal that is aligned with your brand.


Increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing with beautiful Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.


Landing pages help drive traffic to your site with strategic messaging and compelling graphics.


When designed effectively, print advertising can have an incredible impact on lead generation.


Make one of the most effective touch points in the sales cycle even more powerful with eye-catching design.


Social media accounts can be even more powerful when they're perfectly aligned with your brand standards.


Brand standard guides are the best way to ensure your brand stays the way you love it!

Here’s how our process works

Keeping it simple so you can see the forest for the trees

  • Discovery

    • With our first meeting, we’re looking to get a feel of your positioning in the marketplace and overall vision. Then we look to determine how we’ll embody what your target audience is looking for.

  • Visualize

    • Next we brainstorm and develop the initial ideas into first drafts and fly back and forth from tree-to-tree until we find the golden acorn. AKA choosing the concepts you love best to move forward.

  • Development

    • With these tangible concepts we work with you to make any minor tweaks to the final design. During this stage we’ll close in on a final product and then celebrate the finalized design together.

  • Launch!

    • Once your project is finalized we prepare and provide the design files for either print or digital use depending on your requirements. Also we can further discuss any other collateral you may need.