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The demands of the corporate world wear on marketing department managers nerves. They plan a massive marketing plan each year with a lot of scheduled deadlines. We at Flying Squirrel can help.
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External Team Support


Collaborative team spirit and speedy project turnarounds.

The demands of the corporate world wear on marketing department managers nerves. They tackle a massive marketing plan each year with a lot of scheduled deadlines—whitepapers, landing pages, case studies and social post graphics all need to be designed in sync and they don’t always go as smoothly as peanut butter on toast.


Having the ability to call on an external graphic designer when the project load gets daunting can have a lot of benefits.


– Instantly get help on whichever project you feel is priority
– Don’t fall short on your own marketing initiatives
– Get a fresh set of eyes on your existing messaging and style


When your marketing team is overloaded with work, we can help support them!

Everything you need to get your brand out there


Increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing with beautifully designed Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.


In order for the business card to do its desired job, it must be professional, attractive and memorable.


A powerful and essential addition to your marketing arsenal that is aligned with your brand.


Planning on having your brand blasted onto a billboard or on a bus in town? We provide the expertise on how to create an ad people won't forget!


Websites are crucial to marketing success. We create beautiful websites & landing pages to make your brand standout.


When designed effectively, print advertising can have an incredible impact on lead generation.


Make one of the most effective touch points in the sales cycle even more powerful with eye-catching design.


Social media accounts can be even more powerful when they're perfectly aligned with your brand standards.


Brand standards guides are the best way to ensure your brand stays the way you love it!

Here’s how our process works

Keeping it simple so you can see the forest for the trees

  • Discovery

    • After viewing your existing creative assets and brand guidelines we’ll work together to establish the best way to assist your marketing team. We want to support the existing team, not take over.

  • Visualize

    • Once the first project is assigned we’ll develop initial ideas into first drafts and work together until the final desired piece reflects your existing messaging and overall brand style perfectly.

  • Development

    • With these tangible concepts we work with you to make any minor tweaks to the final design. During this stage we’ll close in on a final product and then celebrate the finalized design together.

  • Launch!

    • Once your project is finalized we prepare and provide the design files for either print or digital use depending on your requirements. Also we can further discuss any other collateral you may need.

Let’s talk cost

The below chart will give you a guideline of our pricing structure.

A full estimate will be provided after we discuss your unique marketing needs.

  • Logo Design Package

      • Looking for a fresh take on a product line logo or a full logo refresh? Let’s start by going over our branding questionnaire to ensure we understand the specific areas that you’re targeting. We’ll provide you with multiple logo concepts customized to you and your business and once we land on the winning logo design we’ll develop your memorable business cards.
      • This package includes the design of a business card and a mini brand standards guide so your brand stays on track.
    • Base Price $750    Avg. Price $900

  • Product Brochure or Sales Guide

      • Get tradeshow ready and give your potential buyers all the information they’re looking for in one well designed 8-page folded brochure.
    • Base Price $425      Avg. Price $550

  • Social Media Graphics Package

      • Make sure your image and message is clear across all platforms and help drive traffic to your website. Get up to 3 platforms all in-sync with this great package price.
    • Base Price $125     Avg. Price $150