Graphic Design
At Flying Squirrel Creative Studio, our graphic design services can help create a brand identity for your company, that expresses your corporate vision.
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Graphic Design

This is what we do best

World class design in your backyard.

At its best, visual identity—call it a brand identity or a corporate identity if you may—captures your entire brand in one powerful and unforgettable design. It expresses your corporate vision, sets you apart from competitors, and is a lasting, memorable, and compelling flagship for customers and employees. As individual as a sweet acorns DNA, its unique internal core and external contours can belong to only one brand.


Your identity expresses not only your entire company, it also involves much of ours as well, but that doesn’t mean we’re here to take all the credit! It’s because so many of our skills are required to produce each brand identity.


Along with highly experienced designers, Flying Squirrel specializes in overall design, strategy, customer experience, brand positioning and brand continuation. Contrary to a squirrel’s decision when crossing a road, we believe that identity design is as much a disciplined strategic endeavor as it is an artistic and creative one.

Accomplished Design Capabilities Across the Board

Here’s just a few of the examples of what we can do for your business!


Anchor your company's brand with the single most visible expression of the company within the target market.


An essential and powerful addition to your marketing platform that aligns perfectly with your brand.


Use infographics to increase readership with colour visuals and graphics engage the reader and help them retain the information.


Make one of the most effective client touch points in the sales cycle even more powerful with eye-catching design.


In order for the business card to do its desired job, it must be professional, attractive and memorable.


A fully branded and graphic filled presentation speaks volumes to your message and ensures listeners stay engaged.


Social media platforms can be even more powerful when they're perfectly aligned with your brand style and standards.


Websites are crucial to marketing success. We create beautiful websites to make your brand standout online.


Brand standard guides are the best way to safeguard your brand so it stays the way you love it.

Here’s how our process works

Keeping it simple so you can see the forest for the trees.

  • Discovery

    • With our first meeting, we’re looking to get a feel of your positioning in the marketplace, and overall vision. Then we look to determine how we’ll embody what your target audience is looking for.

  • Visualize

    • Next we brainstorm and develop the initial ideas into first drafts and fly back and forth from tree-to-tree until we find the golden acorn. AKA choosing the concepts you love best to move forward.

  • Development

    • With these tangible concepts we work with you to make any minor tweaks to the final design. During this stage we’ll close in on a final product and then celebrate the finalized design together.

  • Launch!

    • Once your project is finalized we prepare and provide the design files for either print or digital use depending on your requirements. Also we can further discuss any other collateral you may need.

Let’s Talk Cost

The below chart will give you a guideline of our pricing structure.

A full estimate will be provided after we discuss your unique needs during our initial consult.

  • Flyer, Brochure or One-pager

    • Are you in need of a one-pager for a marketing campaign, sales binder or tradeshow–you name it and we’ll blow some socks off.
    • Base Price $225      Avg. Price $325

  • Infographic

    • The use of infographics has increased because we’re visually hard-wired with almost 50% of our brains being involved in visual processing. Infographics are effective marketing tools because they counter information overload by providing more engaging colour visuals that are fun to share and easy to digest.
    • Base Price $375     Avg. Price $600

  • Logo Design Package

    • Has your business shifted it’s focus? Looking to refresh your logo? Let’s start by going over our branding questionnaire to ensure we understand the ins and outs of your business, together we’ll review your market and determine an approach that makes sense for who you’re targeting. We’ll provide you with multiple logo concepts customized to you and your business and once we land on the winning logo design we’ll develop your memorable business cards.
    • This package includes the design of a business card and a mini brand standards guide so your brand stays on track.
    • Base Price $675    Avg. Price $900

  • Landing Pages

    • Start converting visitors to leads with your landing pages. A good landing page is clear, concise and helps direct the visitor to take action. Be sure to use a compelling title, place the majority of the content above the fold and list the specific value you’re offering. Your number one goal is to gain their contact information in exchange for a desired offer.
    • Base Price $480    Avg. Price $675

  • PowerPoint Presentation

    • Have a project you’re really excited to present but need a stylized template and the visuals to be spot on to get the point across to pitch your idea? No problem, we can help with that!
    • Base Price $300    Avg. Price $360

  • Social Media Graphics Package

    • Make sure your image and message is clear across all platforms and help drive traffic to your website. Get up to 4 platforms all in-sync with this great package price.
    • Base Price $125    Avg. Price $150

  • Email Template Development

    • Tired of dastardly low open and click through rates? We design highly optimized and beautiful looking email templates that can easily be edited by yourself or your team.
    • Base Price $270      Avg. Price $300