Matt Meeks

“Jen is an absolute pleasure to work with. Since working with her, our marketing qualified leads (MQLs) have increased, and we’ve also seen increased engagement on our customer-facing content.She’s an incredible communicator, responsive, incredibly friendly and talented as well. Jen has created various social graphics, PowerPoint presentations, digital guides, sales collateral pdfs, and other graphic-related […]

Marc Fuentes

“Ridiculously creative and efficient is what comes to mind when I think about Jen at Flying Squirrel. We strategize and collaborate on key projects such as Adlib’s rebrand initiative and other GTM strategies and tactics. Jen’s ability to juggle multiple projects, operate at 35,000 ft and then execute flawlessly is unlike any I’ve seen before. […]

Fahad Muhammad

“Jen is a creative powerhouse. I collaborate with Flying Squirrel on a daily basis on a wide range of graphic and digital design projects. Jen has an amazing talent for taking highly complex design concepts and simplifying them into creative assets that embody the core essence of the brand. There have been many instances where […]

Bennett Fitzgibbon

“Jen always does amazing work, from web graphics to sales enablement, infographics, and e-books and whitepapers. When it comes to our look-and-feel, she’s helped take our marketing and brand to the next level. I would definitely recommend her, and I stand by her work.”

Pierre-Antoine Tricen

“I had the pleasure of working with Jen recently at AbbaDox and it was an amazing experience. Jen is a highly skilled creative professional who excels in her work. She has a keen eye for detail, always ensuring that every element of the project is delivered to perfection. Jen was instrumental in our sales and […]