Tips for Direct Mail success
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Tips for Direct Mail success

Tips for Direct Mail success

When it comes to marketing, many people feel that direct mail is dead. I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case. I mean, who doesn’t love getting actual mail?! (Mail that isn’t a bill, that is.)

E-mail on the other hand… Ughhhh… I can’t be the only one who is inundated daily with e-mails offering “the best deal ever!” which leave you questioning why you subscribed in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong e-mail marketing is great for reaching a large number of customers and drawing increased numbers to your on-line platforms. But, it can also be easy for potential customers to ignore, as they weed through the huge amount of e-mail they get every day.

Chances are, at least some of your customers are not taking the time to see what your e-mail blasts have to offer. So, why not take a chance and be a little different?

Bolster your stellar e-mail marketing with some direct mail marketing.

Really? Direct mail?
Yes, direct mail. Stick with me…

Now, you may be thinking that direct mail is just as easy to throw in the recycle bin or that it doesn’t produce great responses. But, it can if you do it right.

Forget what you think you know about direct mail, and take the next step toward marketing success, by sending out intriguing, relatable mail-outs. Here’s an engaging example where the prospective customers were invited to go a GPS driven hide and seek adventure.

Follow these easy do’s and don’ts to direct mail success.

Direct mail do’s

Be specific with wording. Be direct using “you” to connect with your customers. Show them how your product is valuable specifically to them and offer a clear call to action.

Connect in multiple ways. Every person learns differently so, it is no surprise that customers will be attracted to different things whether it is words, pictures, or feelings. Draw everyone in with clear engaging language, visual messages (infographics), and tap into an emotional response.

Use mobile to your advantage. For example, offer a promotional code and direct them to a specific landing page. Make it clear that with this code they will get a special offer specifically for them.

Be consistent. Make sure all landing pages are consistent with your mail out and brand. Always use the same colours, fonts and overall style and feel of your brand.

Direct mail don’ts

Don’t be wishy-washy. Really be clear on the goal of your direct mail. Do you want to generate leads or increase customer loyalty? Having a clear idea of your goal will dictate the style of your mail-out.

Don’t be complicated. Don’t make your customer work to find your call to action. Use clear and minimal language and offer purchase options directly on the landing site provided.

Don’t send and forget. Keep track of the responses to your mail outs and be sure to calculate your break-even point. This is the number of sales you’ll need to gain from this marketing effort to cover your costs then after the campaign has come to an end you can work out your actual return on investment.

Don’t mail to everyone. Use targeted mailing to connect with the best prospects. Knowing who is getting your mail-outs will give you the chance to follow up and see if they were effective.

To make the best use of direct mail marketing be sure to personalize the mailer, be creative and always provide value to your consumers.

As a final element to share, here is an infographic from Citipost Mail that outlines how a well-planned direct mail campaign can be very successful.


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