How Thinking Creatively Transforms Branding
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How Thinking Creatively Transforms Branding

Creativity is the life-force of successful branding and promotion.

Thinking creatively is daunting. You may find yourself slipping into old habits and go-to marketing strategies without ever really getting those creative juices flowing.

As adults, we always have our noses to the grindstone, so it is challenging to remember that we are all intuitively creative. No matter how mundane our work may feel at times, each and every one of us has the innate ability to transform our brand into something special.

Don’t believe me?

Close your eyes and remember your favourite childhood game…I bet you are reminiscing about something that required a boatload of imagination. How else would you be able to jump from tile to tile avoiding that scorching hot “lava”?!

See. Creativity isn’t some illusive way of being, it’s bubbling up in all of us, and we just have to tap into it.

Why is Creative Branding Important?

Creative branding can make or break your business because it helps distinguish you from the pack. Engaging your audience in a real, memorable way will hook them and keep them coming back.

Developing creative thinking skills also makes you a better at thinking outside the box.

This doesn’t mean that you have to come up with brand new ideas, you just have to open your mind to seeing what is in front of you, in a new light. The basis of creative thought is connecting the dots between pre-existing ideas and transforming them into something new and interesting.

Transform Your Brand Today

If you’re having difficulty getting started on a creative thought regimen, these 3 easy steps will get you chugging along in no time.

  1. Change your approach.
    If you are always sitting in front of a computer or working in the same room, take some time to switch it up. It may feel like if you’re not buckled down in your office, you aren’t actually working, but that isn’t true. Take some time to visit a museum or go for a walk through a garden. Anything that will let you explore a creative atmosphere to prime your brain for making new connections. You might be surprised at what you come up with by simply smelling the roses.
  2. Let your mind wander.
    Have you ever noticed how some of the best ideas arise when you weren’t trying at all? Like the genius that manifests in the shower or right before you crawl out of bed? These moments of inspiration occur because when we relax, we allow our mind to wander and give it the space to solve problems for us, without that much effort. Try doodling or any other simple task that allows your mind to wander in an active, creative way. By the time you settle back in for work, the solution will be on the tip of your tongue.
  3. Impose constraints.
    This may seem counter intuitive, like the only way to truly be creative is to work with all the options. However, when we have too many avenues to travel down it can be impossible to choose one. By imposing constraints on what you can do, you challenge your brain to find an interesting work around. For example, if you challenge yourself to write content using only 10 different words, your brain will have to work harder to come up with something amazing within these constraints. You’ll find yourself coming up with ideas you never would have without the restrictions.


Use these proven strategies and a river of creativity will surely burst forth.

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