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Making Marketing Teams Look Good Since 2005

Hi, I’m Jen Smethurst, Chief Designer at Flying Squirrel Creative Studio. No, I’m not a squirrel (that’s something a squirrel would say), but I share a lot in common with these curious critters.

I’m an oh-so-organized, nature-loving graphic designer with 19 years of experience. With a unique specialization in software and technology, I’m ready to swoop from the treetops to bring your brand vision to life. Like a flying squirrel doing a 180˚ turn midair, I can easily pivot and respond to feedback from marketing and business teams.

Most importantly, I will work closely with you and your team to create a visual presence that speaks with one unique voice: yours. (That’s one thing a squirrel can’t do.)

You had me at “I’m not a squirrel.”

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What's with the Name?

Did you know that squirrels can’t find 75 percent of the nuts they hide? Luckily, these forgotten nuts don’t go to waste—they grow into tall oak trees. I chose this cheeky name (pun intended) because, like me, everything these critters touch turns into something beautiful. Enough about squirrels…

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Graphic Design for Software and Technology Companies

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many clients in a range of industries, but my passion is elevating brands, creating websites, and supporting software and technology marketing teams.

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The Company I Keep

“Jen has a keen eye for detail, always ensuring that every element of the project is delivered to perfection. She was instrumental in our sales and marketing efforts, creating various collaterals such as sell sheets, trade show banners, and a new website design.”

Pierre-Antoine Tricen


“Jen always does amazing work, from web graphics to sales enablement, infographics, and e-books and whitepapers. When it comes to our look-and-feel, she’s helped take our marketing and brand to the next level. I would definitely recommend her, and I stand by her work.”

Bennett Fitzgibbon


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